From OEM to remanufactured we provide anything and everything our customers want.
Our remanfuactured products are cost roughtly 40% less and last just as long as the OEM product.

Onsite delivery and inventory management
Let us make sure that you have all the printing supplies required throughout your work week. We will manage you printing supplies inventory for you and make sure there is always what you need on hand.

Friendly Sales Representatives
Our staff is always there to help with any printing related inquiries. Let us know what we can do for you and we will make it happen.

Welcome to Scotia Toner Supplies

We take pride in providing the very best in products to our customers. Based out of Central Nova Scotia and Maritimes is a premier place to buy your printing needs. Scotia Toner Supplies is there for you and your business when you need them.

With managed inventory services and printer cleaning services our customers are always guaranteed to be printing around the clock.

Managed Inventory & Onsite Delivery

Helping to keep your business stocked with printing supplies is the best way to make sure you have everything you need to be productive and efficient throughout the week. Ask about our managed inventory services.

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Printer Cleaning Services

A clean printer is a happy printer. With a scheduled printer cleaning schedule your print will always be in tip top shape and ready to service the office printing needs. Be sure to ask about our printer maintenance schedule.

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Services Overview

We provide all the following services to our clients


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